How to Claim

The following outlines the Student Accident Claims Procedure:

IMPORTANT – Claims must be submitted to the insurer, Beneva, within thirty (30) days after the date of accident causing injury.

Beneva is unable to answer specific claim or coverage questions unless the claim is submitted and reviewed by a claims representative.

Student Accident Policy Terms, Conditions, and Limits governing coverage are found under the Forms and Policies tab.


For Medical, Dental or Miscellaneous Claims
  1. Complete the appropriate form in its entirety.
  2. If claiming for medical and/or dental expenses, submit original receipt or original invoice. Claims will not be paid based on photocopies.
  3. The "Attending Physician's Statement" section does not need to be completed for an ambulance bill only or for claims under $100.
  4. For NSCC students, complete the NSCC forms. 


For Death and Dismemberment Claims
  1. Name of insured student
  2. Date of birth
  3. Date of accident
  4. Date of loss
  5. Name and address of person to whom claims forms should be sent
  6. Type of loss
  7. Cause of loss

Note: an incident report submitted to SIP by a school does NOT initiate a claim for any student accidents

Submit all of the above to: Beneva Inc.